Peter KamphuisWho is “Campacasa”?

So you want to know who I am? May I introduce... Peter Kamphuis.

You may have recognized, “Campacasa” is just a spanish- or italian-like version of my family name “Kamphuis”. Which for itself is a typical Dutch name. Yes, I'm Dutch. But, living in Germany. In southern Germany, in München [click the little flag on that Munich page to find the English version] to be more exact.

Why “Campacasa”?

Well, that goes back to the year 1995. On July 24th, at work, I got a mail from my colleague Karsten S. It was one of a series of funny mails in which several colleagues appeared, at a time that a move was planned from the location St.-Martins-Strasse/North to Balanstrasse. This episode was playing at Sicily, Italy in the early 1920's and instead of using the real names of the colleagues, Italian names were used. Guess who was meant with “Campacasa”. Well, and I was looking for a suitable name for my website. You may as well interprete the “casa” part as “house” or “home”, homepage thus...

Probably the story is only interesting for insiders of Siemens Semiconductor Group, or now Infineon Technologies and Intel Mobile Communications, in Munich. Those may also recognize several of the other colleagues in the story.

.eu = Europe

Finally I got my .eu domain. Why .eu? Well, I'm Dutch, I'm living in Germany, I'm having a French girlfriend, ... That sounds more European than just a single country. I thought that .eu is more suitable than .nl, .de, .fr or whatever.

A Dutchman in Germany?

That was not planned ahead. In 1987 I did part of the practical year, as part of my studies, at Siemens in Munich. At that time the division where I worked was called “Unternehmensbereich Bauelemente[“components division”]. A good year later, in 1988, I returned for a few more months of temporary work until I needed to do my military services in the Netherlands. The division was renamed to “Halbleiter[“Semiconductors”]. My colleagues at work asked me whether I didn't want to return as regular employee. Having a not too good time with the military services I decided: Why not?! Well, and here I am, since March 1990. And I still am. In April 1999 the Siemens Semiconductor Group was spun off from the big Siemens company and continued as Infineon Technologies. Then in February 2011 the Wireless Business Division (the mobile telephone chips) of Infineon was taken over by Intel as Intel Mobile Communications. Yes, Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip maker. Together with other colleagues from one of the central Infineon departments I have joined and now am happily working for Intel. Conveniently we stay at the same site as Infineon, at Campeon, just south of Munich in Neubiberg.

Thank you Bruno, Marcel, Reinhard, Ulf, Günther, Christiane, Sepp, Thanh, Michael, Klaus, ... for making my first stays at Siemens so interesting!

Siemens, Infineon, Intel, Semiconductors and Chips...

X-GOLD618 Chip development thus. I'm not developing chips by myself, I'm more working in the area of providing a design system for those who develop the chips. My specialty is logic synthesis and related topics.

Being introduced to 2µm and 1.5µm technologies a long time ago, today 28nm and 14nm are state-of-the-art. 14nm, that's a gate length of 0.014µm or 0.000014mm! Imagine how many gates (transistors) fit on a small chip. Just see, for example, the latest generation of smart phones, their size and their capabilities. (The picture here shows such a highly integrated Intel chip for mobile phones.)

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