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Old Postcards of Rotterdam

Scanned with 300dpi and not post-processed.
(Right-) click on the images to see or download the large versions.

These are old postcards and I'm not sure about the copyright on these. If anybody feels his/her rights infringed, please let me know. I'm willing to remove them or to mention the name of the copyright holder. My intention is just to bring back a little bit of history.


Rotterdam, 1925: Gezicht op de Maas vanaf Witte Huis
(1632x1024, 553kB)

Rotterdam, 1925: Westzeedijk
(1616x1038, 594kB)

Rotterdam, 1925: Lusthofstraat
(1616x1035, 584kB)

Rotterdam, 1925: Het Witte Huis
(1624x1039, 463kB)

Rotterdam, 1925: Witte Huis
(1608x1044, 590kB)

Rotterdam, [unknown year]: Regentessebrug
(1608x1038, 509kB)

Rotterdam, 1924: Parkheuvel
(1608x1015, 593kB)

Rotterdam, 1907: Vierleeuwenbrug en Witte Huis
(1606x976, 617kB)

Rotterdam, 1907: Panorama vanaf het Witte Huis
(1613x1024, 675kB)

Rotterdam, 1907: Coolsingel
(1605x1024, 636kB)

Rotterdam, 1908: Panorama vanaf het Witte Huis
(1599x1024, 676kB)

Rotterdam, ca. 1960(?): 7 images
(1616x1052, 476kB)

Rotterdam, ca. 1960(?): De Oude Maasstad (5 images)
(1632x1080, 374kB)

Rotterdam, ca. 1960(?): Hefbrug
(1640x1071, 333kB)

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