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Various Old Postcards

Scanned with 300dpi and not post-processed.
(Right-) click on the images to see or download the large versions.

These are old postcards and I'm not sure about the copyright on these. If anybody feels his/her rights infringed, please let me know. I'm willing to remove them or to mention the name of the copyright holder. My intention is just to bring back a little bit of history.


Haarlem [unknown year]: Vleeschhal
(1624x1019, 445kB)

Marken, 1927: Marker woningen
(1040x1626, 781kB)

Den Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch), [unknown year]: Kathedraal St. Jan
(1600x1038, 728kB)

Utrecht, [unknown year]: Stadhuisbrug en Domtoren
(1032x1626, 640kB)

Utrecht, [unknown year]: Achter den Dom
(1024x1645, 616kB)

Volendam, 1934: Klederdracht
(1624x1043, 674kB)

Alkmaar, 1938: Kaasdragers bij Brug
(1616x1029, 413kB)

Noordwijk aan Zee, 1910: Strandgezicht
(1608x1029, 644kB)

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