Meanwhile I have ordered a long list of components at Mouser. Together with the TTSH order confirmation, a link to a project at Mouser was provided. This project has 138 positions, of which unfortunately a few items were not in stock. The Mouser project, however, also is not complete: A number of (rare) components must be obtained elsewhere. Interestingly, Mouser offers two of the required rare transistors: 2N3954 for over €20 and 2N3958 for over €12, both listed as end-of-life. As source for a number of missing components I have found:

  • Conrad in Munich, for a few regular components.
  • Balzer CFS in Munich, who seem to be able to provide the CA3046 ICs and some of the rare transistors.
  • Thonk in the UK, for the jacks, tempco resistors and potentiometer.

Since I will be using my own power supply, I removed a number of components from the Mouser project. The power supply I have available is from a long time ago, from my youth when working with some Formant parts:

Formant Power Supply Formant Power Supply20150221_162109_4749c
Formant Power Supply
Delivering +15V, -15V and +5V.
[scale in centimeters]

The 9V transformer in blue (for the 5V part) is new, but not needed for the TTSH. I have mounted the power supply with its transformers on an aluminum frame. It weighs 2.5kg in total and may offer some stability to the case that I will be adding later.

Mounted Formant Power Supply Mounted Formant Power Supply20150221_225204_4751c
Mounted Formant Power Supply
Delivering +15V, -15V and +5V.
[scale in centimeters]

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