More than one month has passed, but finally I have managed to get all the required components. I was still missing the 2N4125 transistors for the small VCO boards and 4 ceramic capacitors of 5pF. As replacement for latter I got some 5.1pF capacitors through some relatives in the Netherlands. The 2N4125 transistors I've found when looking for the reverb tank. Banzai Music in Berlin, Germany, who offers such reverb tanks, also sells electronic components and interestingly they also have the 2N4125 available.

Having the transistors and capacitors, I was able to finalize the three small VCO boards. Once done I've cut them apart:

VCO Boards Separated VCO Boards Separated20150411_160703_5230c
VCO Boards Separated
Component side, connectors still missing.

And here's the reverb tank:

Accutronics Reverb Tank 4AB3C1B Accutronics Reverb Tank 4AB3C1B20150411_160922_5231c
Accutronics Reverb Tank 4AB3C1B

Accutronics Reverb Tank 4AB3C1B Accutronics Reverb Tank 4AB3C1B20150411_161053_5232c
Accutronics Reverb Tank 4AB3C1B

The other missing parts were the Peerless loudspeakers, which I've found at Stra├čacker Lautsprechershop in Karlsruhe, Germany:

Peerless 830986 Speakers Peerless 830986 Speakers20150411_161624_5233c
Peerless 830986 Speakers

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